Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sticky Stockholm - Daka EP

01: Daka (Original Mix)
02: Daka (Woobanger Remix)
03: Daka (Neitee & Yeutta Remix)
04: Daka (Orphans STHLM Remix)
05: Rah!
06: Wine Pon It

DBTY Records continues down the path of epic club music for these modern times with a new release by Sticky Stockholm. A super sweet melange of ethnic bangers, raving tech house and dance hall-house makes one ep to define this autumn. Three originals and three awesome remixes of the title track Daka, carefully picked out and each beautiful in their own manner.

Two Swedish duos: Orphans STHLM and WooBanger, and the french upandcoming lads in Neitee and Yeutta takes the ep from three dimensional to multiuniversed. Nice!

Bells sampled and pitched, weird horns, many types of basslines and variations of that onehundredandtwentysomething dem bow groove you dig: thats the Daka EP for you!

DBTY Records #15: Sticky Stockholm - Daka EP by DBTY

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