Friday, February 11, 2011

Legobeat: Rooster Riddim EP

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01: Rooster Riddim - Original Mix
02: Rooster Riddim - Joelito Dead Rooster Blend
03: Rooster Riddim - Daniel Klauser Remix
04: Rooster Riddim - Hat+Hoodie Cockfight Remix
05: Mac Lovin
06: Whistle Express


They’re back! Third official ep from Legobeat is massive: The Stockholm-bound duo mixes it up, adds an epic line up of friends on remixes and provides a smashing six track ep.

Title track Rooster Riddim is lots of fun, adding vivid percussion, that crazy accordion, and in the true Legobeat spirit, a rooster to define the track. Three remixes gives three different, but awesome takes on the idea. Joelito kills the Rooster, and makes it even more of a banger, Daniel Klauser smoothens it and breaks it down to a dancy house-tune, and Hat+Hoodie takes it down to the core, making it a pure cumbia heavy weighter.

MacLovin is proper nasty, with heavy drums, a whiny sax and a stabbing bassline, making it a track for dim lighted dance floors. Whistle Express is simple, the express ride through a carnival train, heavy drums and whistles!

DBTY Records #11: Legobeat - Rooster Riddim EP [FULL PREVIEW] by DBTY

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