Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sticky Stockholm: Mantra Beat EP

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01: Mantra Beat
02: Marrakech Nights
03: Carousel

About the release:
A tight pack of three original tracks - New house music from DBTY member and curator Sticky Stockholm, produced in the true spirit of the DBTY crew.

Title track Mantra Beat is a manic trumpet surrounded by longer stabs, epic breakdowns and a strange voice repeating a mantra over the kick drum.

On the b-side you’ll find Marrakech Nights: a classic house track, with the on point voice sample, the alltrough nice vibe, a solid production and some proper sparkling samples. A steady forward driven seven min house beat for your sets. Finally, the last track, Carousel, is a hectic metro-ride in any given European capital, driven by the hammering melody from the sharpest piano.

DBTY Records #09: Sticky Stockholm - Mantra Beat EP by DBTY

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