Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sticky Stockholm: Springvale EP

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01: Springvale
02: Tuscany
03: Tuscany (Legobeat Remix)
04: Montpellier
05: Montpellier (Vemdetta Remix)

About the release:

Sticky Stockholm releases three original tracks, all tied together by the moto: keep the music pure. Proper house, with equal parts old school house vibes, and equal parts modern, european dance floor-influences.

The EP becomes a full unity by the two remixes by Stockholms legendary Vemdetta, and the duo Legobeat (of wich Sticky Stockholm is a part). Two remixes that differ rather violently from the three original tracks, in both form and thought.

Listen to the release:

DBTY Records #02: Sticky Stockholm - Springvale EP by DBTY

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