Monday, April 4, 2011

Daniel Klauser: Keep Chilling EP

01: Keep Chilling (Original Mix)
02: Keep Chilling (Emmerson Remix)
03: Keep Chilling (Sticky Stockholm Remix)
04: Don't Be A Fool
05: Together (Original Mix)
06: Together (Martin Sauvage Remix)


Daniel Klauser is on fire right now! After blessing the world with to huge EP:s on the Antartek label, and dropping big remixes all over, he’s now providing one massive EP on DBTY Records as well. We’re most proud to have it that way!

Keep Chilling is a track with many characters, it comes with a big atmosphere, as well as a steady dancefloor beat. One delicious banger! The Emmerson remix explores the darker sides of the original, focusing on the rawness of the track, whilst the Sticky remix takes it down a notch and widens the allready big sound picture.

Dont be a Fool is a classic Klauser track, both soulful and tribal. Together, the B-side is a raw track, a banging tribal house beat with UK-influences, and to finish off, Martin Sauvage drops a suggestive, mean remix of the track.

DBTY Records #12: Daniel Klauser - Keep Chilling EP [FULL PREVIEW] Release: 08/04/2011 by DBTY

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