Monday, September 20, 2010

Hat+Hoodie: Horrido EP

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01: Horrido - Original Mix
02: Horrido - Legobeat Remix
03: Turnitup - Original Mix
04: Turnitup - Cocotaxi Remix

About the release:
German duo Hat+Hoodie makes their debut on DBTY Records with a blast. With two full fledged bangers, they’re introducing themselves in a way impossible to ignore. With a little help from their Stockholm friends in Legobeat and Cocotaxi on remix-duty, this is one of the strongest DBTY-releases yet.

The two original tracks are in every way two sides of a very shiny coin. Horrido is a warrior cry, layers of melody and a kick to die for. A fresh to death house track and a balkan folk song. Turnitup, on the other hand, is a rollercoaster ride for the dance floor. Based on a manic voice urging you to pump that volume, this proves to be the club night banger on the EP.

The Legobeat remix focuses entirely on the broken piano of Horrido, adding kwaito-like drums and a jungle of details, it’s a whole other track, the bastard brother of the original. Cocotaxi cools it down and add their trademarked sound to Turnitup, making it a tour on foot through a misty rainforest, tropical!

DBTY Records #06: Hat+Hoodie - Horrido EP by DBTY

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