Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sticky Stockholm: Crisp EP

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01: Crisp - Original Mix
02: Crisp - Shigeru Remix
03: Cores

About the release:
Sticky Stockhom continues the path he started with his debut, Springvale EP. House music with one foot in the contemporary dance music-scene, and the other in a more classical house-sound. Punchy beats and innovative samples.

As a solid part of the Stockholm night life, Sticky Stockholm has been blessing Swedish and European clubs with his live sets a good five years by now.

The remix by Stockholm fellow dj and producer Shigeru explores a more deep way of putting toghether the sample used in Crisp. Making it a track in many ways similar to the original, but rather for those bigger, early morning dance floors.

Listen to the release:
DBTY Records #05: Sticky Stockholm - Crisp EP by DBTY

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