Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sticky Stockholm - Daka EP

01: Daka (Original Mix)
02: Daka (Woobanger Remix)
03: Daka (Neitee & Yeutta Remix)
04: Daka (Orphans STHLM Remix)
05: Rah!
06: Wine Pon It

DBTY Records continues down the path of epic club music for these modern times with a new release by Sticky Stockholm. A super sweet melange of ethnic bangers, raving tech house and dance hall-house makes one ep to define this autumn. Three originals and three awesome remixes of the title track Daka, carefully picked out and each beautiful in their own manner.

Two Swedish duos: Orphans STHLM and WooBanger, and the french upandcoming lads in Neitee and Yeutta takes the ep from three dimensional to multiuniversed. Nice!

Bells sampled and pitched, weird horns, many types of basslines and variations of that onehundredandtwentysomething dem bow groove you dig: thats the Daka EP for you!

DBTY Records #15: Sticky Stockholm - Daka EP by DBTY

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stinj - Girls Of My Heart EP

01: Christina (Original Mix)
02: Christina (Daniel Klauser Remix)
03: Christina (Sticky Stockholm Remix)
04: Christina (Emmerson Remix)
05: Christina (Momomo Remix)
06: Agata
07: Laura

Stinj finally drops his anticipated ep on DBTY Records!

The Get Flavor associate, dj and producer provides three tech-house bangers with influences from all over, rainforrest like, sharp like a blade and pounding. Dance floor stompers that are bound to make their way into your sets.

On remix duty stands a varied yet huge line up, all with their specific take on A-side Christina: Daniel Klauser drops a smooth, housy remix, Sticky Stockholm turns it up with a tribal banger, Emmerson provides a trademarked remix and Momomo makes it weirdly awesome with his bassheavy re-take.

DBTY Records #14: Stinj - Girls Of My Heart EP by DBTY

Monday, May 9, 2011 - Stars EP

01: Stars (With Tape3000)
02: Rainforest Ruckus
03: Rainforest Ruckus (Mackpaye Remix)
04: Another Morning
05: Another Morning (Orphans STHLM Remix)

German dj, producer and writer sets the standard even higher with his second release this spring. A five track EP that goes both deep and massive.

Stars is a beautiful collab with Tape3000, sublime vocals over a dreamy beat. Rainforest Ruckus gives the EP the dance floor banger, baile funk meets packed warehouse in a sweet combo. Another morning finishes off the ep in a floating, deep vibe.

French wonder kid Mackpaye goes nostalgic in his banger of a remix, a touch of UK and a solid dancy house vibe makes it a great club track. Orphans STHLM turns Another morning in to a weirdly awesome shelter house monster track, need we say more?

DBTY Records #13: - Stars EP by DBTY

Monday, April 4, 2011

Daniel Klauser: Keep Chilling EP

01: Keep Chilling (Original Mix)
02: Keep Chilling (Emmerson Remix)
03: Keep Chilling (Sticky Stockholm Remix)
04: Don't Be A Fool
05: Together (Original Mix)
06: Together (Martin Sauvage Remix)


Daniel Klauser is on fire right now! After blessing the world with to huge EP:s on the Antartek label, and dropping big remixes all over, he’s now providing one massive EP on DBTY Records as well. We’re most proud to have it that way!

Keep Chilling is a track with many characters, it comes with a big atmosphere, as well as a steady dancefloor beat. One delicious banger! The Emmerson remix explores the darker sides of the original, focusing on the rawness of the track, whilst the Sticky remix takes it down a notch and widens the allready big sound picture.

Dont be a Fool is a classic Klauser track, both soulful and tribal. Together, the B-side is a raw track, a banging tribal house beat with UK-influences, and to finish off, Martin Sauvage drops a suggestive, mean remix of the track.

DBTY Records #12: Daniel Klauser - Keep Chilling EP [FULL PREVIEW] Release: 08/04/2011 by DBTY

Friday, February 11, 2011

Legobeat: Rooster Riddim EP

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01: Rooster Riddim - Original Mix
02: Rooster Riddim - Joelito Dead Rooster Blend
03: Rooster Riddim - Daniel Klauser Remix
04: Rooster Riddim - Hat+Hoodie Cockfight Remix
05: Mac Lovin
06: Whistle Express


They’re back! Third official ep from Legobeat is massive: The Stockholm-bound duo mixes it up, adds an epic line up of friends on remixes and provides a smashing six track ep.

Title track Rooster Riddim is lots of fun, adding vivid percussion, that crazy accordion, and in the true Legobeat spirit, a rooster to define the track. Three remixes gives three different, but awesome takes on the idea. Joelito kills the Rooster, and makes it even more of a banger, Daniel Klauser smoothens it and breaks it down to a dancy house-tune, and Hat+Hoodie takes it down to the core, making it a pure cumbia heavy weighter.

MacLovin is proper nasty, with heavy drums, a whiny sax and a stabbing bassline, making it a track for dim lighted dance floors. Whistle Express is simple, the express ride through a carnival train, heavy drums and whistles!

DBTY Records #11: Legobeat - Rooster Riddim EP [FULL PREVIEW] by DBTY

Monday, January 17, 2011

We, DBTY - Volume 1

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01: Prowling - Alca Pwnd
02: Auh! - Hat+Hoodie
03: Bomb-Ay - Legobeat
04: Rain Stick - Stinj
05: Saxophagus - OKM8
06: Bookhouse Tune - Shigeru
07: Gunslinger - Sticky Stockholm

About the release:

This is simply huge, yeah, we said it. To celebrate the sounds we love, we decided to put together a nice, big release with the artists we dig, have worked with or want to work with the coming year.

Each track will get a proper introduction on – starting the 17th of January, going through one track a day. But let us give ya’ll a quick heads up on what to expect from this release.

You’ll find some epic world bass, tight house beats, and most of all, a big bunch of dance floor bangers on this LP. The line up makes us ridiculously proud, we got some of last years most celebrated djs in there, raw talent! All courtesy of us, the DBTY Fam – enjoy!

DBTY Records #10: We, DBTY - Volume 1 [FULL PREVIEW] by DBTY

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sticky Stockholm: Mantra Beat EP

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01: Mantra Beat
02: Marrakech Nights
03: Carousel

About the release:
A tight pack of three original tracks - New house music from DBTY member and curator Sticky Stockholm, produced in the true spirit of the DBTY crew.

Title track Mantra Beat is a manic trumpet surrounded by longer stabs, epic breakdowns and a strange voice repeating a mantra over the kick drum.

On the b-side you’ll find Marrakech Nights: a classic house track, with the on point voice sample, the alltrough nice vibe, a solid production and some proper sparkling samples. A steady forward driven seven min house beat for your sets. Finally, the last track, Carousel, is a hectic metro-ride in any given European capital, driven by the hammering melody from the sharpest piano.

DBTY Records #09: Sticky Stockholm - Mantra Beat EP by DBTY