Friday, July 23, 2010

Legobeat: From Queens to Montenegro (Free EP)

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01: The Big Babao - Original Mix
02: The Big Babao - Alca Pwnd Rain Dance Remix
03: My Nine - Original Mix
04: My Nine - Sticky Stockholm Remix

About the release:
In the third DBTY Records-EP of Legobeat (a free release)the duo explores voice samples in a way that cuts with their earlier productions. Two tracks give two different perspectives on that voice-sample focus.

Dance floor banger "The Big Babao" is made purely for the live sets. A track that tears up any club. The combination of balkan grooves and djungle-dance drums prooves to be ever so effective.

My Nine rests on a heavy bassline, a tightly constructed track, where the big drums float around the repetative voice.

The remixes are made by Alca Pwnd, pseudonyme for a well known Stockholm DJ. The Big Babao becomes a powerfull yet classic house track in his hands. The second remix, by Sticky Stockholm, is a bouncy house banger. Crisp, like we like it.

Listen to the release:
DBTY Records #04: Legobeat - From Queens to Montenegro (Free EP) by DBTY

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